The Wrigley Sisters

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1. Swelkie / The Teran

2. Brae o' Scorne / J F Dickie

3. Mrs Violet Eunson

4. Shapinsay Polka / Jimmy o' the Bu's Polka / Scapa Flow

5. Compliments to the Orkney Norway Friendship Association / The Mester Ship

6. Running the Lee / The Flotta Dash

7. Adelaide / The Phantom Flight

8. The Trip To Orkney Waltz

9. Whal's Rost / Tommy Mainland March

10. Way oot West / Bessie Millies Sixpence

11. The Duchess of Gordon / Scotification

12. R Aim's Compliments to J Craigie / The Holm Band Tune

Sleeve notes

'...the Wrigleys have arrived big time'

How these extremely busy girls found time between their hectic touring schedules to record another stunning album, we’ll never know.  This includes many firm favourites like ‘Mrs Violet Eunson, Compliments to the Orkney Norway Friendship Assoc and the Holm Band Tune’.




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