The Wrigley Sisters

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1. Bison Reel / The 4 X 4 to Penrith

2. Miss Sarah MacFayden / Farewell to Rock O'cleary

3. The Heroes of Longhope

4. Wild Fiddlers Rag

5. Jim and Sylvia Barnes / The Green Hills of Tyrone / The trip to Windsor

6. The Westcoaster / Haggis Fondue

7. The Fifth Flight / Madam Neruda

8. Paddy's Trip To London / The Music In The Glen

9. Save The Mix

10. The Corn Holm / Harris Stevenson Robb / Paradiddles on the Typewriter

11. Skeldaquoy Point / Birsay Beach

12. Tom and Jerry

13. John Macneil's Reel / Miss Shepherd's Reel / The Masons Apron

14. The Watch Stone



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Sleeve notes

'..with such talented teenaged traditionalists on the scene the future looks rosy.' - SCOTSMAN

‘This all important second album released when the girls were just 19 years includes tunes they have been famous for including ‘Miss Sarah Macfadyen, The Heroes of Longhope, Madam Neruda and Big John Macneills Reel’

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