The Wrigley Sisters

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1. Orcadia comp: Gordon Harvey JDC Publications ­ a classic strathspey by this West Mainlander.Orkneyites comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ when Orcadians reach outer space! 3.03

2. Newark Bay comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ our favourite beach in Deerness. The Broonie o' Copinsay comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ a sea creature that befriended a remote farmer. 3.05

3. Sleepy Laddie comp: A Windwick JDC Publications ­ this is actually a well known song in Orkney but we liked the tune just as much even without the words. 3.54

4. The Dingeshowe Dancers comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ standing at the mouth of Deerness is a mound which is said to hold trowie¹s dances. 4.04

5. Miss Eilidh Shaw comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ a great fiddling friend from Taynuilt, Scotland. Thoumires Trendy Treads comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ for master musician Simon Thoumire¹s dress sense. 3.15

6. Utiseta: to go out at midnight and call the peedie folk. Roseness comp: W R Aim JDC Publications. Churchill Barriers comp: W R Aim JDC Publications. Deerness Reel comp: W Lennie JDC Publications ­ a typical set of well known Orkney tunes. 3.40

7. Stronsay Waltz comp: J Chalmers JDC Publications ­ named after one of Orkneys most musical islands. 4.04

8. North Ron¹ Reel comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS. South Ron' Run comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ The most northern and southern isles in Orkney. 2.18

9. The Auld Bow comp: Hazel Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ name for the edge of a tunship or land division which is also where the trowies are known to hang out! 3.05

10. The Deerness Mermaid comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ a regular visitor to Newark Bay. The Watchman¹s Polka comp: Davie Eunson COPYRIGHT CONTROL ­ A particular favourite of ours from our old Deerness neighbour. 4.47

11. The Whorl Reels: for an ancient pictish design discovered in Orkney on a spinning whorl. Tammy Spinnle comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ for spinning rope. The Stronsay Weaver comp: Pat Shearer COPYRIGHT CONTROL ­ written by one of the most talented Orkney fiddlers ever. The Spinnan cat comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ Orcadian cats have the best life. 3.32

12. The Fairy Ring: a circle worn into the ground by trowie dancing. Strollin' doon da Strynd comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ Our fashion boulevard! Glaitness House comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ for Libby and all her encouragement. 2.31

13. The Trowie Dart comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ you were under their spell if this hit you. The Hen-pen-dirlo comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS ­ a toy made from the feathers of a hen, stuffed into a ball and set at the top of the brae to catch the wind. 2.17

14. Orca comp: Jennifer Wrigley MCPS/PRS. 4.12  



Jennifer Wrigley: Fiddle
Hazel Wrigley: Guitar & Piano
Billy Peace: Accordian & Piano (Piano track 13)
Ian Mackay: Double Bass
Erica Jolly: Fiddle (track 10)

Sleeve Design by CMYK Design
Motif Design by Sheila Fleet
Portrait Photography by Marc Marnie
Landscape Photography by Rick Fleet
Produced by Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley
Co-Produced and Engineered by Adie Bolton

Recorded in February 2001 at
Little Bu, Orphir, Orkney Islands

Thank you

Adie Bolton, The Tannahill Weavers, Rosemary Martin, Gordie Gunn, Neil Braidwood, Rick, Sheila & Martin Fleet, Kathy Bichan, Marc Marnie, Erica Jolly, Ian Mackay, Lewis Wrigley, Mum & Dad, Tait & Style, P&O Scottish Ferries, Performing Rights Society, British Airways, Kenny Macgregor, David Campbell, Mirek Borek, Steve Burnett, John McCullough and special thanks to Billy Peace for his assistance with this production

Jennifer plays a Mick Johnson Violin
Hazel plays a Santa Cruz Guitar

Sleeve notes

‘Pure distilled sunshine’ *****

The fifth duo album recorded in Orkney featuring tunes like Orca (the whale song) and old  favourites like the Stronsay Waltz.

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