The Wrigley Sisters

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SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST - 'The best folk music is born of tradition but enlivened and invigorated by new ideas. Jennifer and Hazel fit that bill perfectly'......'Jennifer's rich, expressive tone and elegantly soaring arcs of notes are imaginatively harmonised and rhythmically underpinned by Hazel's simple but strong piano-playing and percussive jazzy guitar work.'

THE SAN FRANCISCO EXPRESS - 'The sisters' masterful musicianship, entrancing accents, and hilarious anecdotes about their North Sea island world have brought standing ovations'......perfoming with an intuitive closeness that comes from being siblings and from their devotion to the Celtic folk music they grew up on'

THE CANBERRA TIMES - 'Wrigley Sisters play from the heart about Orkney Islands homeland'....The music of the Orkneys is a mix of Scottish and Scandinavian influences, and in a few years the Wrigley sisters have built for themselves a solid reputation playing this distinctive music'

THE DENVER POST - 'Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley put their own spin on traditional jigs and reels'

SANTA CRUZ METRO - 'Bending traditional tunes to jazzy, tonal surprises, they keep crowds guessing' ..double the pleasure'....'Two for the price of one'

THE SAN FRANCISCO GAEL - 'The sisters' music is a unique amalgam of influences'

DIRTY LINEN - 'Wrigley plays a mean fiddle. Her sister, Hazel, provides the kind of empathetic accompaniment that only a sibling can....glowing to life by their skill and imagination'

THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT - 'their age belies a wealth of experience and a strong sense of artistic direction......ancient and surprisingly modern.......The sisters have helped perpetuate and extend the region's musical traditions....It's all in the eyes!....People aren't just going to get a string of tunes, but an Orkney experience'

N CAROLINA DURHAM INDEPENDENT - 'swirled and downright boogied through my little living room.....they are musical polyglots....playing their brilliantly woven music in spots from Singapore and Bali to Australia and Europe....danced and capered through Wrigley's strathspeys and reels...Jennifer and Hazel are indeed musical ambassadors for the traditional music of their unique island community.......One face of the Wrigley sister act looks back toward tradition, but the other gazes into the future.....It takes world-traveling wunderkinder like Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley, to remind us that it is and ever was a small world in music'

THE VANCOUVER COURIER - 'Musicians' youth belies wealth of talent and performing experience'

THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER - ' Jennifer and Hazel perform.....rootsy jazz and folk'

THE SCENE, LONDON, ONTARIO - 'Rarely can you say you have experienced true musical magic, but there it was...charm, wit, freshness, and creative sparkle. Tremendous ability all together in one package.'....Jenny's fluid, mellow style is perfect foil for such traditional imagery, shifting from bleak melancholia to vibrant brightness, and lent contemporary fire by some imaginative arrangements and Hazel's lively accompaniments.. The Wrigleys' star is rising fast, I encourage you to catch a glimpse'

DENVER WESTWOOD - ' the talented Wrigleys,.......keep those traditions alive while adding their own contemporary spice to the mix'

ADELAIDE RIP IT UP - 'the delightful Wrigley Sisters'

THE LIST - '....infused with humour, passion and astonishing skill' THE SCOTSMAN - 'Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley....are progressing swiftly towards premier-league calibre'

THE INVERNESS COURIER - 'Island sisters in perfect harmony'

SLEAFORD TARGET - 'delight folk lovers and lovers of fine music. Young, gifted and wonderfully friendly'

THE SCOTS MAG - '...there is nothing imaginary about the talent and elegance of the playing by twins Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley from Deerness in Orkney......Evident enjoyment for players, plus guaranteed enjoyment for listeners, and all with that little bit of northern magic'

THE SCOTSMAN - '..two players, one breath'

THE TIMES - Great British Hope

FOLK ON TAP - 'These staggeringly gifted twins...are quirkly inventive and daring exponents of an ageless musical tradition.........A one off (or a two-off), and absolutely exhilarating'

SHREDS AND PATCHES - 'near perfection on a piece of plastic as you can get'

THE LIVING TRADITION - '.....beautifully in sync throughout....before you know it, 'Huldreland' is all over.'

ROCK AND REEL - 'Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley have spread the gospel of Orkney fiddle music far and wide.....'Huldreland' is full of surprises'.

FYFE ON FOLK - 'A plethora of fine tunes penned by Jennifer nestle alongside the more traditional in an album full of surprises.'

THE SCOTSMAN - 'Orkney's favourite musical ambassadors...taking the classic duo format of fiddle and guitar/piano to fresh heights of invention and panache....achieving a level of sophistication and maturity well beyond their years.'

GLOUCESTER RADIO - 'I enjoyed this album right from track one. Great sound and excellent material. A very polished and well produced album.'

THE GLASGOW HERALD - 'Jennifer's multifaceted fiddling - ranging from coquettish twists to full-blooded expression-as well as her consistently high-quality tunesmithery. All of which Hazel matches with judicious guitar or piano accompaniments'

GOOD MAG (MAYBE FOLK ROOTS) - '...the Wrigleys have arrived big time'

THE LIVING TRADITION - 'Respect for them is growing apace. And so it should be.'

DUNDEE COURIER - '....the hottest prospects to emerge from the Orcadian musical tradition in recent years.'

FOLK ROOTS - '....awesome performers.'

THE SCOTSMAN - 'Jennifer - rough-edged bowing, quirky tonal modulations; Hazel - jazzy, mischievous, strongly rhythmic accompaniments....with such talented teenaged traditionalists on the scene the future looks rosy.'